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ToyzHunt Status order Oktober 25

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Hi Hunterz

di bawah adalah list yang sampai toko tanggal 23 oktober kemarin


Y = order ada

P = Sebagian datang (klo pesen lebih dari 1 u/ item yang sama)

N = blm ada

langsung saja ya


Order# Model Description Qty Avail
2063 BNP44524-A Keroro Gunsou Stuffed Doll Winter Sports Version: Keroro  1 y
2063 CUB05911 Stuffed Kururu Keychain  1 y
3043 MAX06130 figma Black Rock Shooter   1 y
3043 MAX06120 figma Azusa Nakano Uniform Ver 1 y
3043 MAX06119 figma Tsumugi Kotobuki Uniform Version  1 y
3119 MDFZMCZ3682 Soshite Boku Wa / Yui Sakakibara  1 y
3119 KNGKICM3121 Hikari/ Horie Yui  1 y
3142 SEGH2371-A Strike Witches EX Figure #2: A Erika  1 y
3142 SEGH2371-B  Strike Witches EX Figure #2: B Meena  1 y
3142 TAM74016 Basic Tool Set  1 y
3142 TAM74044  Drill Set (0.3-0.6,0.8)  1 y
3146 KSHJC63001WH 1/43 HONDA CR-Z Sky Roof (White)  1 y
3168 MAX06130 figma Black Rock Shooter 1 y
3194 MAX06130   figma Black Rock Shooter  1 y
3196 MAX06132 figma Teana Lanster Barrier Jacket Ver.  1 y
3330 MAX06120 figma Azusa Nakano Uniform Ver  4 y
3369 MED21166    VCD Donald Duck  1 y
3417 BAN951239 Dororo Robo Mk.II   1 y
3417 BAN950534 Tamama Robo Mk.II  1 y
3417 BAN950535 Kururu Robo Mk.II  1 y
3417 BAN951238 Giroro Robo Mk.II  1 y
3417 BAN949842 Keroro Robo Mk.II  1 y
3419 KYD010087 Revoltech Getter Dragon  1 y
3428 DRA60057 1/72 AAV7A1 Operation Restore Hope Somalia 1993  1 y
3428 CSP28255 Apsaras Stainless Steel Mug  1 y
3440 FUJ19305 1/24 Technoracing TV-R Narrow Type  2 y
3440 FUJ19223 1/24 WEDS TC-05 15in  2 y
3440 FUJ19165 1/24 LA Sports Nutsberry Flare 1 y
3440 FUJ19204 1/24 TGF AX 17inch Wheel  1 y
3440 FUJ19156 1/24 J-Wing DT-01  1 y
3440 FUJ19178 1/24 18in Nismo LMGT-2  1 y
3440 FUJ19272 1/24 18 inch BBS LM  1 y
3440 FUJ19238 1/24 Yokohama Advan TC II  1 y
3442 FRE29303 American Motorcycle Black  1 y
3447 BAN962069 Robot Damashii GM Sniper II  1 y
3448 BAN962030 1/100 MG MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom w/Special Clear Armor Parts 1 y
3451 TKT38619 Transformers Animated 33: Hot Rodimus 1 y
3452 TKT38068 Transformers Animated 34: Samurai Prowl  1 y
3452 TKT38619 Transformers Animated 33: Hot Rodimus  1 y
3472 BAN958455 1/60 DX Chogokin VF-27 Lucifer Brera Sterne Custom  1 y
3472 YMT00179 1/60 VF-1S Hikaru Ichijo with Super & Strike Parts Plus  1 y
3472 YMT00168 1/60 VF-22S Sturmvogel II Gamrin Kizaki  1 y
3472 YMT00188 1/60 YF-21 Transformable  1 y
3472 YMT00041 1/60 VF-0S  1 y
3472 YMT00176 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo w/Armor Parts  1 y
3472 BAN958458 1/100 VF HI-METAL VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie  1 y
3472 AOS09144 New Getter Robo Renewal  1 y
3472 BAN949228 In Action!! Offshoot Dunbine  1 y
3475 BAN934106 BB #280 Force Impulse Gundam  1 y
3475 BAN923716 BB #259 Strike Gundam S.W.S.  1 y
3475 BAN958524 Sangokuden Giga Taifu Shiba-i Sazabi  1 y
3477 HSGTP-3 Modeling Saw Set  1 y
3477 HQPHDRFLAT10 HD Rivet Flat (20pcs) 1.0mm  1 y
3477 HSGPA-42 Modeling Mesh Square Type (Large)  1 y
3477 NGA34928 Brass Line 1.0mm 15pcs  1 y
3477 KBYMW-12 Panzerfaust Tonfa  1 y
3477 NGA94930 Brass Line 2.0mm 7pcs  1 y
3483 BAN964259 1/144 GD-84 RG RX-78-2 Gundam Decal  1 y
3491 KYD00004  Revoltech Protect Gear "Red Spectacles" Edition  1 y
3496 BAN934150 1/100 GD-23 Char's Counter Attack MG Series Decal  2 y
3496 BAN964259 1/144 GD-84 RG RX-78-2 Gundam Decal  1 y
3499 HYDHD01-0026 1/24 Transformers Metal Logo  1 y
3501 BAN939980 1/200 HCM Pro Sazabi 1 y
3501 BAN945360 1/200 HCM Pro Jagd Doga (Quess Paraya)  1 y
3501 BAN950370 1/200 HCM Pro Nu Gundam Special Painted 1 y
3501 BAN946742  1/200 HCM Pro Geara-Doga  1 y
3503 KYD04011 Sci-Fi Revoltech Buzz Lightyear 1 y
3504 BAN06818 1/144 Desert Zaku 2 y
3506 BAN938527 1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Extra Finish  1 y
3508 TKT31614 D-05 Destron Octane  1 y
3508 TKT34155 RD-03 Demolishor  1 y
3512 LEGLF0124  1/35 US K-9 w/Handler 1 y
3512 TAM61085  1/48 Corsair F4U-1D w/Moto-Tug  1 y
3524 GNZGM01 Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines)  1 y
3545 BAN959112 Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode  1 y
3552 KYD010261 Revoltech Getter Go  1 y
3554 MAX06118 figma Ritsu Tainaka Uniform Version  1 y
3576 BAN948216 Action Base 1 Gray  1 y
2063 BNP44765 Super DX Soft Stuffing Keroro  1 n
2736 BAN958466 1/100 GD-63 00 Raiser Decal 1 n
2947 GRFFG09TH  Sasara Kusugawa Sukumizu Maid Ver.  1 n
2948 BAN59769  1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom  1 n
3055 LGO47537 Batmobile Ultimate Collector Ver  1 n
3055 TAM45026 Expec GT-1 2ch RC System 1 n
3055 TAMPM-X3 Paint Marker Royal Blue 1 n
3055 TAM45030 Expec SP Radio Control System w/ ESC  1 n
3070 TAM45026 Expec GT-1 2ch RC System 1 n
3070 TAM45030 Expec SP Radio Control System w/ ESC  1 n
3118 KBYVI-35 1/72 Crest CR-C90U3 Dual Face (Renewal)  1 n
3244 MAX06136 figma Makinami Mari Illustrious New Plug Suit Ver.  1 n
3374 MAX06143 figma Dead Master  1 n
3379 GSC96713 Nendoroid Saber Movable Edition  1 n
3422 KBYKP-139 Type-J9 Griffon (D-Style)  1 n
3425 MAX06145 figma Asuka Langley Shikinami Test Plug Suit Ver.  1 n
3426 MAX06141 figma Luka Megurine  1 n
3440 FUJ19291 1/24 17-inch RS Watanabe Wheels  1 n
3440 FUJ19279 1/24 18inch VOLK Racing TE37 Wheels and Tires Set  1 n
3440 FUJ19278 1/24 Long Champ Wheel & Tire XR-4  1 n
3440 FUJ19238 1/24 17inch Wire Wheels and Tires (4) Gold Type  1 n
3443 MAX06139    figma Mikuru Asahina Adult Ver.  1 n
3484 GSC96733 Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Absolute HMO Edition  1 n
3491 TAM74076   Cutting Mat A3 Size  1 n
3499 HSGTT-31 Surface Knife  1 n
3513 GSC96729 Nendoroid Petite Angel Beats! Set #02  1 n
3519 BAN961934 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom w/Special Clear Armor Parts  1 n
3519 BAN960998 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise  1 n
3521 BAN960608 Robot Damashii Strike Freedom Gundam 1 n
3524 BAN963119 1/100 MG Musha Gundam Mk-2  1 n
3529 FNMSW-01M 1/72 X-Wing Fighter: Chrome-Plated Wonder Festival 2010 Limited Edition  1 n
3529 BAN926801 1/100 MG RMS-106 Hi-Zack  1 n
3529 BAN72919 BB #198 SD Z Gundam  1 n
3529 BAN76373 BB #207 SD Gundam GP03D  1 n
3530 BAN959916 Robot Damashii Gundam F91  1 n
3532 BAN955525 1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom  1 n
3534 KBYSQ-55 Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol.1: Tifa Lockhart  1 n
3536 MAX06156 figma Rei Ayanami Plug Suit 1 n
3539 BAN903329 BB #217 SD Gundam Mk-II Titans  1 n
3540 BAN955947 Robot Damashii 0-Raiser  1 n
3542 BAN61210 1/144 Gundam Heavy Arms Custom  1 n
3543 - Decal White Wolf MS-06R Zaku 1/100  1 n
3543 - Decal Wing Zero ver. 3 1/100 Scale 1 n
3547 MAX06141 figma Luka Megurine  1 n
3550 CMS65183 Brave Gohkin AV-98 Ingram 1 & 2 OVA Version 1 n
3551 KYD010070 Revoltech Gloomy  1 n
3551 BAN957721 1/144 HG GN-X III ESF Type  1 n
3553 MAX06049 Figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrier Jacket Version  1 n
3556 BAN941796 Jet Jaguar  1 n
3556 BAN939918 MM New Gamera  1 n
3556 BAN948863 Reicubus  1 n
3556 BAN951593 King of Mons  1 n
3559 MAX06102 Figma Shirou Emiya Casual Wear Ver.  1 n
3561 MAX06141 figma Luka Megurine  1 n
3567 REM10080 Disney Candy Pouches 1 Box (6pcs)  1 n
3567 REM15015  Sanrio Candy Mascot 1 Box (12pcs)  1 n
3569 BAN965297 1/144 HGUC Sinanju  1 n
3571 BAN946737 1/1700 EX-31 White Base  1 n
3572 BAN961934 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom w/Special Clear Armor Parts  1 n
3576 BAN60626 1/100 Gundam Sandrock Custom  1 n
3576 BAN962053 1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam  1 n
3579 BAN961781 Pegasus Seiya First Bronze Cloth 1 n
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Re: ToyzHunt Status order Oktober 25

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