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ToyzHunt Status Order Januari 28

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Hi Hunterz

di bawah adalah list yang sampai toko tanggal 28 Januari Kemarin


Y = order ada

P = Sebagian datang (klo pesen lebih dari 1 u/ item yang sama)

N = blm ada

Order# First Name Model Description Qty Avail
2063 Andre  BNP44524-A Keroro Gunsou Stuffed Doll Winter Sports Version: Keroro  1 y
2063 Andre  CUB05911 Stuffed Kururu Keychain  1 y
3119 Pardamaian MDFZMCZ3682 Soshite Boku Wa / Yui Sakakibara  1 y
3119 Pardamaian KNGKICM3121 Hikari/ Horie Yui  1 y
3653 Paskalis  BAN75669 BB #203 SD W Gundam Zero Custom  2 y
3671 Teddy KBYMW-12 Panzerfaust Tonfa  1 y
3691 Ika BAN964440 Tamagotchi Nano Ribbon Star 1 y
3691 Ika BAN964444 Tamagotchi Nano Sweetheart 1 y
3691 Ika BAN962401 Tamagotchi Nano Crystal Snow 1 y
3728 Paskalis  BAN961409 BB Gakushin Gundam  1 y
3728 Paskalis  BAN962048 1/144 HGUC MS-06 Zaku F2 EFSF Ver  1 y
3735 Wahyu KSH66001A 1/50 IRC Bulldozer Komatsu D575-A3 SD (Band A)  1 y
3735 Wahyu KSH66001B 1/50 IRC Bulldozer Komatsu D575-A3 SD (Band B)  1 y
3735 Wahyu KSH66001C 1/50 IRC Bulldozer Komatsu D575-A3 SD (Band C) 1 y
3735 Wahyu KSH66003A 1/50 IRC Dump Truck Komatsu HD785-7 (Band A)  1 y
3735 Wahyu KSH66003B 1/50 IRC Dump Truck Komatsu HD785-7 (Band B)  1 y
3735 Wahyu KSH66003C 1/50 IRC Dump Truck Komatsu HD785-7 (Band C)  1 y
3741 Teddy BAN47688 BB #148 SD Wing Gundam  1 y
3741 Teddy KBYMW-03 Grenade Launcher & Dagger  1 y
3741 Teddy KBYMW-18 Weapon Unit Free Style Bazooka  1 y
3742 Henry KYD04007 Sci-Fi Revoltech Batman  1 y
3745 Yonardy  BANYM-11 Yamato Mecha Collection Set #11 (2pcs)  1 y
3747 atta TAM74040 Modeler's Knife  1 y
3747 atta GNZGM01 Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines)  1 y
3752 Ferdi  FEW96296 ES-Gokin 03: Getter 1  1 y
3753 Amir SIE37600  Naughty Kitty Bank: Calico Cat  1 y
3753 Amir SIE37605  Naughty Kitty Bank: American Shorthair  1 y
3756 Anthony KNM15183 Busou Shinki Mountain Cat Type MMS Antille  1 y
3759 Yonardy  BAN964140 Digital Grade Space Battleship Yamato: 1 Box (6pcs)  1 y
3771 m.rafdiakbar HBJMAG1102 Hobby Japan February 2011 w/GN Sword IV Full Saber  1 y
3782 Danny Bayu BAN48142 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero 1 y
3791 Hizkia TAM74035 Sharp Pointed Side Cutter  1 y
2063 Andre  BNP44765 Super DX Soft Stuffing Keroro  1 n
2736 So Yanssen  BAN958466 1/100 GD-63 00 Raiser Decal 1 n
3055 Daihatsu  LGO47537 Batmobile Ultimate Collector Ver  1 n
3055 Daihatsu  TAM45026 Expec GT-1 2ch RC System 1 n
3055 Daihatsu  TAMPM-X3 Paint Marker Royal Blue 1 n
3055 Daihatsu  TAM45030 Expec SP Radio Control System w/ ESC  1 n
3070 Daihatsu  TAM45026 Expec GT-1 2ch RC System 1 n
3070 Daihatsu  TAM45030 Expec SP Radio Control System w/ ESC  1 n
3425 Desto MAX06145 figma Asuka Langley Shikinami Test Plug Suit Ver.  1 n
3484 Rio GSC96733 Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Absolute HMO Edition  1 n
3536 Desto MAX06156 figma Rei Ayanami Plug Suit 1 n
3540 Adhika  BAN955947 Robot Damashii 0-Raiser  1 n
3600 Ika BAN964477 Tamatomo Strap & Deco Seal Set Lovely Melody Ver.  1 n
3603 Faisal MAX06158 figma Kos-Mos Ver.4  1 n
3691 Ika BAN964446 Tamagotchi Nano Lovely Lace 1 n
3691 Ika BAN962405 Tamagotchi Nano Green 1 n
3698 Catur Agung BAN900741 1/100 MG Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode  1 n
3707 Michael   Samuel Decal 1/144 HGUC Sinanju 1 n
3707 Michael OLF204B Plastic Scriber S Type 1 n
3707 Michael   Zeon Texture 1 n
3707 Michael   Caution 1 1 n
3707 Michael   Samuel Decal 1/100 Lukas Strike IWSP 1 n
3729 Desto MAX06168 figma Hitagi Senjougahara  1 n
3729 Desto MAX06160 figma Black Gold Saw  1 n
3750 Reggy BAN966800 GD86 HG 00 QAN[T] Decal  1 n
3757 Handri MAX04126 1/7 Miku Hatsune Tony Ver. PVC  1 n
3761 Agung KYD04026 Sci-Fi Revoltech Mark VI (Iron Man)  1 n
3762 Agung BAN967078 1/100 MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell EW Ver.  1 n
3770 ronny DRA3303 1/35 LRRP  1 n
3770 ronny ITA354 1/35 Allied Support Troops 1 n
3783 Dhani Iskandar BAN965299 1/144 HG Hi-Nu Gundam GPB Color  1 n
3783 Dhani Iskandar   1/144 GBP-04B HG Beargguy  1 n
3789 Denis KYD04026 Sci-Fi Revoltech Mark VI (Iron Man)  1 n
3793 Suwanto BAN961937 1/72 VF-27b Lucifer VAlkyrie Normal Type  1 n
3793 Suwanto SEGH2463-A Baka to Test to Shokanju Extra Figure: Minami Shimada  1 n
3800 Handri MEG71186 1/8 Aldra PVC  1 n
3801 Haryanto   Samuel decal Sinanju 1/144 1 n
3801 Haryanto   Samuel decal Khsatriya 1/144 2 n
3801 Haryanto BAN966801 1/144 GD87 RG MS-06S Char's Zaku II Decal  1 n
3801 Haryanto BAN966799 1/144 GD85 HGUC Sinanju Decal  1 n
3804 Martin BAN962644 Henshin Belt DX OOO Driver  1 n
3804 Martin BAN964983 Candroid #05 Gorilla Candroid  1 n

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Re: ToyzHunt Status Order Januari 28

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