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still the loss of earnings

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Allianz have calculated for your customer magazine, with what amount in the film The Hobbit  An Unexpected Journey damage caused would be recognized. If movie fans thirst for entertainment, then often the sparks fly. Without ruins, war and devastation, a true blockbuster is long gone from. Even in the fantasy film The Hobbit  An Unexpected Journey it's neat to the point. The insurer Allianz have away from your daily business time found it, to look at a bit more detail the damage caused in the film, to fill with the information gained to contribute in their own customer magazine. FOCUS Online now refers to the corresponding press release, citing some interesting arithmetic examples on which you hardly get away with a smile. But the people have come to grief are a real cost factor, so you can put a good insurer only fond Gandalf FFXIV Gil and the dwarves. Because a forearm is lost, pain and suffering of 5,000 euros is to be paid, so the alliance. To be added are still the loss of earnings claims 200 euros and necessary medical expenses 500 euros. As the villain can not establish that he was ever his roommates a household help, but there is no way to make a housekeeping damages. The fact that three enemies had to end their lives in a stone shell, leads to amusing bills. The trolls then flows no money for any damage to, because no relatives were known and even funeral expenses accounted for because the stone cases already offer the ideal grave stone. The injury, beheading, killing and stabbing of 100 Orcs proposes EUR 500,000 for pain and suffering zubuche, 100,000 euros is calculated for treatments and a Funeral. Only the loss of earnings loss is very limited, since the Orcs put off with a pittance wurden.Richtig expensive it is in the area of ​​damage. The places pulverizing Cathedral and Fortress brings your wallet especially in sweating. Only the disposal of 300,000 tons of debris deprives insurers 57 million euros. The remaining demolition work make EUR 65.5 million. If you were to build the fortress again and this 145 meters long,