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known only to the bats

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 Still, you have to wonder -- maybe they just need to claim every URL that would possibly exist for future Modern Warfare NHL games?From the website, a short QandA from the URL owner: Who owns this site? We do. Are you Activision? No. Are you ransoming this site to make money from Activision? No. Personally, we don't care - and want no money. We took this domain for opportunistic giggles. If Activision were in a position to buy this domain, I'd ask them for a donation to a charity of my choice. Probably Help for Heroes - you know, those guys that don't get the ability to respawn when the timer hits zero... Are you scared of being sued? Not really. They could extradite me to the USA - I could do with a holiday. What now? Well, I'm buying Battlefield 3.. Fancy a game? If I was Activision, I'd probably start buying up a whole bunch of webpage addresses -- looks ripe for the picking.[Thanks, muliadiosman!] Max Payne 3 Out in March 2012. I sat alone in a darkened room, the light of the monitor illuminating my face like a small personal moon, the steam from my coffee the only movement visible as I hunched over the screen like a pensive statue. I frowned in consternation at the words on the screen in front of me, the furrows in my brow as if a farmer had ploughed them in preparation for a bountiful harvest. But the only harvest these furrows would see was the sweat from my face, as hot as the Amazon as it was in that tiny, dark, cell-like room.I pictured Houser laughing as he spoke those words to me. I heard them again and again and again, reverberating through my brain as if they had been spoken in a forgotten cave, known only to the bats."Max Payne 3 gave us an amazing creative opportunity to evolve one of our most iconic characters," he had said. "We're excited to show fans a modern version of Max that pulls them back into his dark and twisted story."As dark and twisted as the spiralling crema atop my coffee, gently spinning where I had idly stirred it, I thought, my imagination and attention wandering as I scrolled through the text on the page.My eyes flitted from the screen to the calendar open on my phone. March 2012, was it? It seemed so near, and yet so far, like a lover falling from a cliff, just out of reach, her hand outstretched, her eyes begging you to grab her but you're too late -- she's gone, falling, falling, falling into the darkness.I shook away the unwelcome thoughts. These would not help me compose a news story concerning Rockstar's plans to release the long-awaited third game in the Max Payne franchise, a series so drowning in tortured metaphors that it was a wonder it didn't come with some sort of CPR equipment.My fingers flitted across the keys. "MAX PAYNE 3 OUT IN MARCH 2012," I typed, the clattering of the keys shattering the silence in the darkened room like a brick through the greenhouse of eternity.Then I froze, like a deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming eighteen-wheeler.

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Re: known only to the bats

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