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But to go to the South Gate, the entrance of insects to see how many young GG devil. Perhaps you say, and it is to focus on the issue of functional objects DNF. But what do we do? It's not because of bias, which led to countless demons GG ignored. Moreover, many people pay GG Holding hands full of weapons O-strength DNF. ADM Eight Word !: Well commander saying things mechanical heart mechanical Mars led to a lot, why then counted against them as a small machine ah call? But we must also note that when you carry a team of his colleagues blame on the front line when running around, busy busy abroad, is the head of the GG and MM mechanical friends, and loss that can look so lively scene. But his colleagues more than that, there is a need for DFO Account mechanical features and wavy brush one to be careful so lost effort, while his colleague, he can provide enough energy shield. Captain Keywords: cover nine major and listen to the generals know that this name is very suitable DNF team of professional bar. While some people do not understand the generals, and the generals finally became a leader without a single brush brush is ah. But in groups, and the generals, or the goddess of war, or could be a great leader, and it depends on their grasp of the battlefield. The timing of ice-ray release, the timing of the release of Neil, C4 effects of the slowdown, as well as the awakening of support. Great General is able to understand the rhythm of battle captain, and frozen and a sense of power was to rest and Shipping century. Captain Key words: control of ten, and Dragon Warrior, and now Canada tricks uncle who is different, and sometimes we can see holding the rosary, wearing cloth weird uncle. Although few in number, compared to the big guns and the night elves, and his uncle exorcist named captain of ten seems a little lack of confidence, but the characteristics and skills of the team, and the frequency of view , and play a role in the team, and exorcism is a little uncle won chips. Some DNF choice of profession team due to some defect in one brush DNF occupation tired or too slow, the driving force is the brush and one can not afford to use large amounts of people. French crackdown on the contrary, blame is very fragmented when it is too slow. But when they are colleagues, everything becomes different. Brush out there almost a year, from just getting up to now has always been a brush, to call everyone to a level of experience and several other countries GBL brush tips article Kingdom plans are actually easier to call a brush Do not press me now settled Kingdom GBL Easter K0 0 consumption (in fact, I have a devil of contract) in question started, not to mention the paintings, Mogong high, rolling more directly, to say something. The second map, and took three bodies, self is one of the few openly map GBL is following you, go to the map that GBL wants to see the approaching right robot, robot GBL suggest you run down, so it will not explode until they explode.