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S It's not a power fantasy. It's unpredictable. You're never safe. You're constantly waiting for something to go wrong, again, and again, and again.Nobody enjoys stress, right? Stress is bad! It makes you feel bad!And yet I have actively been seeking out stressful Runescape games since I was a kid. I did my best to make even harmless edutainment fare like Oregon Trail into as stressful an experience as possible; as an adult, I prefer StarCraft . Many strategy Runescape games, especially survival Runescape games, are built to be voluntary, borderline-masochistic engagements with one stressful situation after another. There's that sweet adrenaline rush, that sense of unknowable and impossible circumstance, that head-pounding rush of despair when you fail and that sweeping, dizzying relief when you land on your feet.But rs 07 gold I've had to make an exception when it comes to This War Of Mine , a disaster-themed, strategic survival game inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo. Unlike other Runescape games with survival as their genre, This War Of Mine never lets you feel in control or like you have it all together. You aren't some individualist demi-god with tons of rations and guns saved up for the apocalypse you're part of a ragtag group of civilian survivors who have very few resources or strategies beyond stealing from other people. Stealing is stressful. Scavenging for medical supplies and conserving energy and planning out who'll get to sleep at what times is stressful. But this time  I don't like it.I don't think anyone is meant to like This War Of Mine . It's meant to help you empathize with how the civilians in a war-faring area might feel, day to day how their struggle for survival depends on factors beyond their control, and how their own nourishment and self-care must always come at the expense of others'. There is never enough of anything to go around in This War Of Mine ; the decisions are hard because there is often no morally correct answer. You do not get to gun down any mustache-twirling Nazi zombies;