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planned to place an order FF14 Gil

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to Buy FFXIV Gil CheapSafe FFXIV GilSecure Delivery at MmogahFFXIV Patch . Important Information Changes to Allagan Tomestones TweetTagsffxivfinal fantasy xivheavenswardffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gilA customer bought archeage gold from us Mmogah two times, then he told us his G got removed because we mailed gold to him at the first time. We All know that Trion removed gold from gold buyers on Oct. , . He thought his gold got removed was because we mailed him at the first time. Hopefully we could compensate him. In order that he was not disappointed at us and he had no any loss, we delivered him G again. Since then he bought two times more and the money spent was over usd. He wanted to have a  or  coupon codes since he spent so much, then our rep sent him the link how to get most discounted coupon from Mmogah. During he was FF14 Gil chatting with our rep, our price adjustment department adjusted gold prices. He noticed our price was adjusted to a little higher when he planned to place an order, then he got frustrated.Dear A…,First of all, thanks for your trust and support. And I apologize for the trouble we brought you. However I must explain to you about our business and this kind of business.. About your Archeage gold got removed. After your gold got removed, you thought that was our responsibility then we compensated you all gold as you said. Actually, that was not our responsibility, you buy gold, you must make responsible for your gold get removed or your account get banned. For example, we stocked archeage gold on our accounts, our gold was mostly removed which was worth about usd. According to what you think, our suppliers should give us the gold again. But it is impossible, no one will compensate us. And I believe if you bought gold from other sites, almost no site would compensate you if your gold got removed.. About the coupons. We have  kinds of coupons,  is for all customers, and    for others, you can click on the following link to check Mmogah Promotion Our Most Discounted Coupon HERE, and you can get larger discount by register as a member,